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How to Remove Malware warning and Fix website blacklisted by Google Safe Browsing

If you see the below message in the browser on accessing your website:

Reported Attack Page!

This web page at [] has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

That means some malware (malicious code) has been inserted in the website files by hackers.

The first step is to remove that code which can be in the form of a script, iframe  and even in an image format .

So to do this check all the website files’ content for the string (base64) and Eval and check if Code in encoded format has been added within the website pages. Remove the inserted, malware code.

Second step is to change passwords of your hosting account (cPanel , plesk, webmin etc.) and the FTP account/s passwords.

Next, scan your site on – here you can find if malware has been added as an iframe. Check also the blacklist status at

You will see: domain Black listed by Google Safe Browsing . 

Or: domain Blacklisted by SiteAdvisor or McAfee

Third step is to resubmit your website to Google for review.

For this login to  – If your site is already added, click on ‘Manage Property‘ and if not added, click on ‘Add Property‘. Go to ‘Security Issues‘ and you will see malware warning messages by Google. Click on ‘Request A Review‘. In 2 days Google will review and remove security issues’ messages .

This should actually remove the Google Safe Browsing warning.

Scan your website again at and check if the blacklist status has indeed been removed.

You should see this: Domain clean by Google Safe Browsing

To remove blacklist by SiteAdvisor,  login to

Go to Feedback–>check Single URL, Select product as McAfee Site Advisor, type your Website URL and click on check url as in the below screenshot:


You will see categorization as ‘Malware‘ if the website is blacklisted by Site Advisor

Choose the relevant category, type a comment and submit your URL for review as in the below screenshot:


In 2-3 days you should receive an email from SiteAdvisor and after re-scanning your website on Sucuri you should see:

Domain clean by Site Advisor

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