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Search Result of Ultimate Query Search Filter Plugin not being sorted by Meta Key

I am using the plugin for Search by form input in a Wordpress website. Everything worked fine except the search results were not being sorted by the Meta Key in spite of configuring the settings for the same. Later I found this was due to the presence of the ‘Post Type […]

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WordPress Admin Prev / Next page links still pointing to the old site

After migrating a WordPress-based website from one domain to another and changing the old domain to the new one in the Settings–>General–>Wordpress URL & site URL everything seemed to be working fine. But after logging as Admin and navigate to Next page option on all pages, it continued to point to the old […]

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PubMed Posts Not working on CentOS Platform

I was working on Fetching Publications from PubMedCentral into a WordPress Application using the plugin It worked like a champ on the Local Machine but when I uploaded it on the Hosting server running the CentOS platform it wouldn’t work. After debugging, I found php-xml (php dom extension) was not installed on the Hosting […]

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Remove / Hide WordPress Framework Version From Admin Dashboard and Front End View Source

Follow below steps to remove WordPress Framework version from displaying completely from your website. To remove the WordPress framework  version from the Admin Dashboard: 1. To Disable Framework Updates, use plugin Disable WordPress Core Updates. 2. To remove Framework information from footer in Admin Dashboard, use plugin remove-admin-footer-and-version. The […]

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Integrate Citrus Bank Payment Gateway in WooCommerce

Download Plugin For CitrusPay in WooCommerce You can include Citrus Bank  Payment Gateway in a WooCommerce Application provided you have purchased Citrus Bank Payment Gateway and have the PHP Integration Kit which consists of a lib Folder and test folder. Below Are the steps to integrate CitrusPay […]

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Integrate Bank Of Baroda Payment Gateway (BOB E-Gateway) In WooCommerce

You can include Bank Of Baroda Payment Gateway in a WooCommerce Application provided you have purchased Bank of Baroda Payment Gateway and have the Integration Kit which consists of SFA Folder, .Key File and a bunch of .php Files such as TestSSl.php, SFAResponse.php etc. Below are the steps to […]

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Code Examples in ASP.NET

Check out our blog for code examples in ASP.NET

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Number of Menu Items Limit exceeds in WordPress hosted on Godaddy Shared Hosting

On a WordPress website I encountered a problem while adding items in menu. After I added a lot of menu items it automatically truncated few menu items from the end. At first I thought it to be a Browser issue (that caused the Save request for menu to […]

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Align an element in center vertically & horizontally within a div element with Responsive layout

Below is the code to align any element in center or a div element, vertically and horizontally both in responsive layout. Apply below CSS to the element that needs to be centered in a div: position:fixed; top:50%;  right:50%;  transform:translateY(-50%);  -webkit-transform:translateY(-50%); /* for chrome preview */  height: auto; width: auto; […]

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Make a div element Responsive using CSS

A simple trick to make a <div> element responsive is to set the max-width of the div in pixels (px) and set width as 100%. max-width :960px; width: 100%; The CSS above will automatically change the div element’s width based on the size of the screen it is being viewed in. […]

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